Cancer Mini Wish: Asher

Many of us at Pile of Smile have a personal connection to the cause. Our Managing Director, Kerry, works tirelessly with all the families whose wishes we fulfill. But this Mini Wish was especially near and dear to her heart.

Pile of Smile Mini WishShe personally sponsored a Mini Wish for Asher Mack. Asher and his family are incredible human beings. Lindsay and Justin adopted Asher knowing he had Down Syndrome and cancer. It would be natural to ask yourself why. But for this family, it was never a question.

Lindsay describes on their blog “…that tugging at my heart, did not go away. Once we started learning more and more about how these awesome, beautiful individuals are treated so poorly in other countries, we knew we couldn’t save the world, but we could at least change one amazing little boys life.”

Kerry was instantly drawn to this family as her cousin has Down Syndrome: “The love she has always given me and the lessons she teaches are invaluable.”

Pile of Smile Mini WishPile of Smile Activity BookAsher’s family wanted an experience so Kerry didn’t waste time donating 4 tickets to the Baltimore Aquarium. In fact, she joined forces with Laney, one of her yoga students, to send him a customized package with the tickets. After all, Pile of Smile isn’t just about giving to kids. It’s about encouraging kids to give back too. “In the midst of the crazy, spending time with Laney to send this gift to Asher was what life is meant for…giving back.”

Asher’s family definitely brought happiness home when they adopted him and we can’t wait for him to enjoy the aquarium. We are so grateful for people like Lindsay and Justin and extremely thankful we can be a small part of their lives.

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