Pile of Smile Press Release No.1

Pile of Smile

Eight-year-old Virginia girl launches innovative charity to benefit children with terminal cancer.

Pile of Smile brings kids together to create art in support of children and families.

Fairfax, Virginia –

Pile of Smile – a new charitable organization that encourages boys and girls to create and donate their art as a deep act of compassion in support of terminally ill kids – has begun holding events in Northern Virginia with plans to expand nationwide.  Pile of Smile creates opportunities for children to express themselves creatively (and learn new artistic techniques) in support of another child struggling with cancer.  Pieces of art are sold or auctioned to the public, with all funds being used to fulfill a patient’s wish.  Through Pile of Smile, kids are being exposed to tremendously moving stories as they learn the true meaning of gratitude.

The new charity is the brainchild of eight-year-old Imogen Adams, whose young friend lost his life to cancer last year.  She could not help but notice how her friend and his family suffered so badly, and she felt a need to try and alleviate that kind of pain that other people are going through.  So she decided she could contribute to the cause by using her artistic talent to raise money to grant the children’s final wishes.

“I want to help kids with cancer. For them to do what they want before their time is up,”  Imogen says.

She hopes by getting other kids together and creating art they can bring a smile to boys and girls in the hospital and make a difference in everyone’s lives.

Since the organization launched earlier this year, Pile of Smile has hosted a workshop, sold artwork, completed an online art raffle, and donated all funds to families struggling with pediatric cancer. And they have begun planning the Pile of Smile expansion in pursuit of their ultimate goal: to fulfill the biggest dreams of every terminally ill child on the planet.

Anyone who wishes to make a difference in another child’s life is encouraged to get involved in any number of ways: donating paintings, drawings, or sculptures, buying art online (proceeds will go towards the wish fund for a pediatric cancer patients), or serving as a local team leader and bringing together kids in your community to create art as an act of compassion.

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For more information, please call Alison Adams our Community Director at (540) 454-1670,
e-mail: Info@PileOfSmile.org.


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